The Post lost a longtime friend on May 26th. My girlfriends father passed away unexpectedly on the early morning of 05/26/2017. He was battling cancer and seemed to fighting the best he could. Unfortunately he could only endure so much. He left behind his beloved wife Virgina Fowler, and his beautiful Daughters Mary and Kimberly, as well as his grandchildren Shana and Amelia. During this unfortunate time we also found out he did not have any life insurance. Now the funeral home he was transported to will not allow services to continue or any death certificates to be made until we have the money to do so. As well as charging a fee for everyday he is in holding with the Funeral Home. We are doing our best to help raise money to help make this an easier time for everyone. Any donation will help us along the way and will be greatly appreciated. We will be selling enchilada plates here at the Post tomorrow at Noon, with the proceeds to help his family with funeral expenses. The family has also set up this gofundme campaign. Any and all help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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